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Iced Thai Milk Tea (Vegan)

I have great friend that is Thai and this is how she taught me to make Thai milk tea! This recipe can be completely be customized to your liking, consider the following a template.



I like to brew my thai tea leaves the night before in my Keurig using a universal pod and then refrigerate to use throughout the week. My friend, Kal, brews the tea fresh and pours over ice!

If you don't have a Keurig you can brew in hot water with a mesh tea ball strainer

1. In a 16 oz mason jar, fill with crushed ice.

2. Add 1/2 cup brewed thai tea liquid (more for a stronger tea)


3. Add 1/2 cup sweetened vanilla almond, soy or oat milk. (You can also use regular milk and add sugar to your tastes or use sweetened condensed milk like your favorite tea house does)

4. I like to add in a small glass add a few tablespoons of your milk and use a handle held frother, buzzing the milk and moving the tool up and down to create desired froth. 




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