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About The Brand

Hey, I'm Sugar, the owner of Pink Sugar Cupcakery. Let's get to the story of this serendipitous business venture.

One day, in 2010, I was home watching a popular cake show a few days before one of my mom's milestone birthdays. They were making a cute layered lemon cake with raspberry filling and I thought, "I can do that!"

I set out to HEB to get all my ingredients for the cake, raspberry coulis and the ever so ambitious marshmallow fondant! The cake baking was a success, the coulis was kind of tragic and the fondant actually came out edible but wasn't very visually appealing. Frazzled and feeling a fail coming on...I neglected to pay attention to a major step: COOLING THE CAKE.

Guys, I could NOT do it. I failed so bad. SO bad that the cake slid off the plate and landed on the floor. There may or may not have been tears. No one can confirm lol. My family ate the cake anyway (that is real love...thanks) and my mom LOVED it!

I'm super type A so what did I do?? I spent the next year teaching myself EVERYTHING there was about custom cake making for the purpose of doing better the next time. Yup, I am completely self-taught from one failure! Shocks me too,

Over the next year, I would post my accomplishments on Facebook and people would want to buy them! People were placing orders and raving so here we are! Using experience gained from years of retail management, I have created a brand that was more than just about's about making memories with your families, creating traditions and adding sweetness to all your life occasions.

The brand has grown from my small circle of family and friends via word of mouth to custom cake orders for weddings and baby showers across state lines and international shipping of my cookies to places like Canada and Morocco!

I love doing this...and accidental passion that has me booking dates a year in advance. Who knew...

Thanks for your continued love and support!