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Team Builders + Classes

COVID-19 UPDATE: We have optimized our team builders and classes to be virtual and contactless. 

There is nothing average about these sweet experience based team builder classes we have curated for corporations, non-profits and businesses of all kinds to treat not only their employees with but also donors, board members and clients too. 

Getting your people in a fun situation is always a good idea. You get your creative juices flowing and bond over an activity outside of number crunching, data and deadlines. 

We are currently offering Naked Cake Team Builder Classes and Alphabet Letter Cookie Cake Classes for our Corporate Team Builder Classes and Workshops. 

Learn More about each of them here:

Naked Cake Team Builder 

Alphabet Letter Cookie Cake Team Builder 

Can't wait to create something sweet with you and your team! 



o you want to know all about our classes?

Each class is about 60 minutes of hands-on, guided instruction of how-to create a set design for a large alphabet letter cookie, a naked cake, a cookie set or cupcake set. 

While we don't bake in class, we get straight to the fun stuff of decorating with fresh made buttercream, flowers, cookies, candy and so much more. We love to use local florists and makers for embellishments whenever possible. We also provide you with access to a list of the go-to places and people for supplies. 

Class starts with a fun ice-breaker introduction and live buttercream demo so you know just what to do with the recipe we give you after class. 

During class we go step by step with best practices in layering cake, using piping bag, different piping tips and the difference between various buttercreams out there in the world.

Towards the end of class, you get a photo op with your sweet creation individually and with the group. Then we box it up and you can mingle with your new class friends or head out to share with your family. 

We can't wait to see you! 


You can inquire about either as date night or family fun night here!